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Helping Organizations Succeed in Training Individuals to Flourish.
curriculum development

A curriculum consists of several individualized processes and steps geared toward guiding your organization to success.

cultural exchange

We specialize in providing opportunities for individuals to flourish in and out of the classroom through a curriculum-based study abroad.

program management

Over 20 years of operations management experience in education, community engagement programs, and specific events.

teacher training

BGEMS has more than 10-years of high-quality teacher recruiting, screening, and development.


BG Education Management Solutions, Incorporated (BGEMS) is on the brink of reaching a significant milestone in its short existence as an organization. Effective, July 1, 2023, BGEMS will begin its 5th year of operations, promoting our beliefs that language and culture exchange programs are the paths to educating, connecting, and cultivating the next generation of global leaders. The programs developed will provide the bridge to connect these leaders with opportunities to pursue careers in specialized fields both domestically and abroad.

BGEMS’ success as our organization is due to the trust and dedication of the 45-member BGEMS family, our educational consultants who train and support our staff, the many schools/districts, Superintendents, and school administrators have all played a vital role in the success. In addition, it is credited to the shared belief that language is the gateway to appreciating and understanding another culture. The world today is multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-faceted and it is important that our K-12 students are equipped to compete in this diverse environment. While I am proud of the success over the last 4 years, BGEMS will continuously evolve by introducing innovative programming, and outreach programming which strives to provide real-world solutions to the various shifts which impact education to ensure that our beneficiaries (both indirectly and directly) are truly prepared to successfully meet these shifts. Join the language movement!!

Terrill D. Martin

Kunming 4th Annual International Friendship-City Seminar on the theme of Education