BG Education Management Solutions, Inc.

BG Education Management Solutions, Inc. (BGEMS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization designed for the promotion of international programs. The core program is its “Foreign Language Teacher” program, designed to recruit foreign language teachers who work in local K-12 schools in the U.S./Abroad teaching the language of choice. BGEMS’s core values are based on language as an important key to unlocking the potential which exists between cultures.

It is the belief of BGEMS that language is the gateway to understanding diverse cultures and developing a deeper appreciation for other cultures in general. In the ever-changing world of education, culture, and business, it is the desire of BGEMS to develop curriculums and programs which produce highly competent leaders who can compete in diverse environments. BGEMS believes language and culture exchange programs are the paths to educating, connecting, and cultivating the next generation of global leaders. The programs developed will provide the bridge to connect these leaders with opportunities to pursue careers in specialized fields both domestically and abroad.

New Years Training 2023

To conduct the mission of creating globally conscious and competitive leaders, the following areas are its focus:

  • Teacher Training & Certification – The Foreign Language Teacher program, provides language teachers who work in local K-12 organizations in the U.S. and abroad. All teachers are eligible for State Certification, and its Educational Consultants have developed a training curriculum and work with all teachers both prior to arriving in the U.S./Abroad, and throughout their teaching duration while they are in the program.
  • Leadership – BGEMS seeks to collaborate with Superintendents, Principals, Administrators, Teachers, and Community Leaders to provide a cohesive leadership program. The Leadership in Education program seeks to cultivate the talents and passions of constituents toward achieving common educational goals as vital members of the communities in which they serve. For leaders to interweave these various relationships together, our “Leadership in Education” program will sharpen their tools through an international experience in positions at all levels.
  • Community Engagement – BGEMS seeks to develop a varied network of partnerships to provide special educational, economic development, and cultural needs of the communities. It will work with universities to develop specialized educational opportunities for teachers and schools who are partners of the program.

BGEMS strives to provide real-world solutions to the various shifts which impact education to ensure that our beneficiaries (both indirectly and directly) are truly prepared to successfully meet these changes.

2022 teachers institute summer
2022 teachers institute summer