Mr. Martin has more than 10 years in administrative experience in both high education and K-12 education. In addition, he has more than 17 years of experience in operations management, and business development. Presently, he is the Director for the Confucius Institute at Western Kentucky, President/CEO of Martin Global Enterprises LLC and BG Education Management Solutions. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Confucius Institute of Western Kentucky Chinese teacher program, in which he builds and develops relationships with schools throughout the state of Kentucky to offer Chinese language and culture classes within their schools. Presently, the Confucius Institute is in 13 school districts, in 40 K-12 schools, and reaching more than 19,000 students throughout the state of Kentucky. As part of the Confucius Institute management team, he established a fully articulated K-12 Chinese language curriculum.

In addition, he has developed, managed and led more than 18 delegations of more than 350 individuals to China as part of various programs such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Education, Business, Chinese language and culture, and high school programs. As the President/CEO of Martin Global Enterprises, he is responsible for developing partnerships with local high schools to create cultural educational exchanges. Presently, he finished a contract with Nanchang #3 Middle School on an “American Immersion” program with 27 individuals for a 6-week American educational experience from through Martin Global Enterprises, LLC, and led a group of 27 American high school students from Kentucky to China for 2-weeks.

terrill martin

President & CEO – Martin Global Enterprises

Co-Founder/Partner – BG Education Management Solutions

Director – Confucius Institute Of Western Kentucky

[email protected]